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cryptocurrency Ethereum now pays No Disabled in: 03.11.2017 10:19 there were failures at payment
or it was disabled in rotator
Yes In the database 464 d.
Pays every 00:05 h. (5 m.) ~ 610pays an average ▼ 600minimum pays ▲ 650maximum pays 7500000minimum withdrawal satoshi faucet type direct payment captha type reCAPTCHA dangerous advertising popup redirect Need to wait No Level of complexity 2easy faucet from rotator clicked "ignore" 85 users reviews 10
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Best for crypto trading Binance
nikolayev8..., 12 August 2017 17:28
I am not sure that the website pays, at least not me and my friend. Here is the storry. Some time ago I signed up for all three of their faucets. I liked them and gave a referral link to my friend who was at my place at that time. So she signed up for ONE of them at once from my wi-fi point. The next day she signed up through my referral link for the second of three faucets, but from the other place. I noticed that I didn't get the referral commission at the first faucet. I contacted the support about this issue. It appeared that because my friend first signed up from my IP I wouldn't get anything. I though, ok, let it be. So we both continued claiming (from different places) until we reached the withdrawal limit. We tried to withdraw and... we were banned permanently! Just great!
I contacted the support for them to explain the reason. They answered the following:
Your “referral” made at least one claim using your IP address. Upon investigation, there are many other similarities between you and your referral’s accounts so you and your “referral” has been blocked permanently.
I wrote back:
Yes. It's true about one first claim. I have already contacted you about this issue. But there was no more claims made by my referral from this ip. And if it so important, why you did not ban us immediately? Why did you wait until we wasted our time. Please finish our withdrawals, and unban us.
But no one replied. They just get there benefit from me and my friend, paid nothing and acted wrong, although I explained everything politely and asked to unban us. And, yes, if there was some violation (although I don't see any rules on the website), I admitted it at the very beginning when I contacted support the first time. They could have banned us from the very beginning and not to wait until we waste our time. So, it is up to you to decide. Nobody is immune to be accused of some violation of the rules they have never mentioned on the website. If the issue is resolved I will update here.
+ +2 -
cyberfreak..., 16 August 2017 22:31
Cheaters will not be paid. This is common on any site. After the first email about the referral, I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt but as my email stated "Upon investigation, there are many other similarities between you and your referral’s accounts..."

These came to light after your first email as I don't have the ability to read the future.

Also your "friend" received a payment from my faucet anyway. All payments sent from my faucets are visible here - ***etherscan***/address/0x5E631e138024a5F24575F74C00641a0096E36399

People who cheat get nothing. Legit users get paid as can be seen above. Cheaters are usually first to complain when they are caught.
+ +1 -, 17 August 2017 12:12
I am the third party in this conflict. And I still don't understand what we have done wrong. Yes, I claimed once from his wi-fi spot. But how should we know that we can be banned for that if it is not stated anywhere? On the other faucets they tell about it at once. And this was the very first claim. Only ONE! That's unfair, really! I understand, that you are the boss here and we can prove nothing. I am writting this just to make others aware of the situation. Perhaps it is the only way they can discover the rules of your faucet.
And by the way, I have claimed withdrawal from 2 faucets and got payed only from 1. ***etherscan***/address/0xbaa5e83f954548907c201e7a6efca0cc29c53451 A week has already passed. Is it a new rule?
+ +1 -
nikolayev8..., 17 August 2017 11:42
What kind of cheating? What kind of investigation, what did I get from this "cheating" theoretically? 20 cents? What the hell are you talking about? I was very polite but you just piece of ... bad person... at this point, with your own idea of justice. "Upon investigation, there are many other similarities between you and your referral’s accounts" - Is a perfect excuse for any occasion. And show me where are the rules on your faucet.

I don't care of your "reward" any more I just want to show the others that they are dealing with another "my house my rules, I can change it whenever I want and use it against you".

Good luck.
+ 0 -
cyberfreak..., 23 August 2017 19:12
I run honest sites. When you walk into every shop, do you see lists of rules saying "Do not steal, do not damage items, do not abuse staff" etc? No. Some shops yes but most will not. This sort of thing is expected that the customers will do anyway and they don't need to be told to do so. Faucets are the same. It is expected you don't try and cheat. Cheaters won't read rules anyway and honest users wouldn't need rules to tell them not to set up multiple accounts, refer themselves etc. They would know that themselves

If you think you know everything, run some faucets of your own, deal with botters who steal fractions of a cent at a time. Obviously I am not going to sit here and give full details publicly and to cheaters directly about what flagged your accounts/similarities beyond the messup you made with the IP addresses being used on both accounts. Why? It would just make it easier for you or others to rob me if I explained my sites security measures. Google etc don't reveal to the world and the hackers directly what all their security measures are and how their "hack" got detected. It is stupid to do so. You didn't get your own way and be lucky I was rushing payments and sent one out accidentally to you. You shouldn't have even got that. My list of transactions to my honest users is proof enough in my opinion that I run an honest site. Why would I pay all these others and not you?

Good luck to you and your "friend" aswell
+ +1 -
071011..., 21 July 2017 07:30
Как бы странно это не звучало, но кран платит.Сутки шли сатоши, но дошли.
+ +1 -
mmiguel-14..., 5 July 2017 19:24
Tengo alrededor de 6 dias trabajamdo con esta pagina y ya habia obtenido mas de 0.000042000. y desde hoy ya no estan. Fueron extra?dos de mi cuenta. Porque ahi mismo dice que minimo para pasarlos al wallet debes tener 750000mil
Que alguien me responda a esto.??????
No es justo que trabaje para otro.
+ +2 -
cyberfreak..., 19 July 2017 18:25
They will not have gone anywhere. There is alot of confusion as i run 3 ether faucets and in all cases where users have contacted me, it is because they went to another faucet from the one they were claiming at. There is a notice on the faucet that says as much aswell. It is user error and not anything we have done.
+ +1 -
14fvNV7883..., 15 June 2017 18:26
Не пашет пишет отстают часы.Хотя с временем все впорядке и так с половиной сайтов на лтсе.
+ +2 -
1Cmkk6T7FV..., 13 June 2017 11:41
Rewards: 600 to 650 Gwei every 5 minutes
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