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Welcome dear friends!

On this site, you can collect a lot of Bitcoins, Dogecoins and Litecoins from various faucet sites, that distributes Satoshi after a certain time, and from other sites working with Bitcoin. You can collect all day, and get more than 200,000 satoshi per day. You can easy generate your list of favorite sites, add new sites to the system (if it not in the system yet), and to be aware of the characteristics of each bitcoin faucet site. We are constantly improving.

Our news

5-10-2016, 13:20

New updates.

- Updated the section "PTC monitoring and organizer" for more comfortable working with the PTC sites.
- Copy buttons (email, wallets, referral links) now work better in modern and older browsers.
- A lot of small updates and bug fixes.
11-09-2016, 10:11

New options

- As vote results, we have made two versions of the work with faucets, "rotator" mode or "list" mode. You can select a mode in the profile. In the "list" mode, you do not visit the rotator, you go directly to the faucet. The "list" mode is not dynamic, this option continues to develop. Changes information, adding or removing faucets, you will not see until you reload the page. Recommended to refresh the page every 15-20 minutes. On slower computers, timers can retarded.
- For faucets in "my list" added reset sorting button.
- Fixed minor bugs.
12-08-2016, 14:06

The new update and launching of a new service.

- We added a filter by Antibots. You can limit or disable faucets with Antibot links.
- You can sort "My list" as you like and raise any faucet at the top of the list, so it will be first in the rotator, when timer is gone. This sorting function limited by list of 200 faucets, and works without filters by captcha or by timer.
- We made a new service "Monitoring and organizer PTC buck's". PTC or bux website, is a site where you can earn money from clicks, surfing websites, performing tasks, etc. We already added more than 30 PTC sites, and there will be more soon. All sites checked, or marked "is tested". "My List" is available, also there are various sorting, and date fixation of last visit of site. We didn't find analogues of our new service. All PTC sites added to your referral program. Unlike most faucets, PTC sites are more user-friendly, don’t have pop-ups, "Safety Limits" and are more secure.
We open to your suggestions and wishes about the new service.
5-08-2016, 13:48

The new update.

- We added in the lists 4 popular filters from profile.
- In the rotator, for faucets where you need to register, we added @ button. This button copies your email to clipboard.
- In the rotator, for Xapo faucets, you can choose to copy the email address or Bitcoin address.
- In the referral statistics, from now works a separate counter for different cryptocurrency. You can see in what category your referrals work.
- Fixed errors with authorization. Some times, user did not seen the captcha, or been blocked by antibot protection.
- We working with a new type of earning for users, and it's not faucets. It will be ready soon.
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Popular sites in the system ?

  • 1. BTC freebitcoin every hour. ~ 327
  • 2. BTC every 05 minutes. ~ 75
  • 3. BTC every 80 minutes 320
  • 4. BTC every 08 minutes. ~ 105
  • 5. BTC every 10 minutes. ~ 60
  • 6. XDG every 15 minutes. ~ 4
  • 7. BTC every 05 minutes. ~ 108
  • 8. BTC every hour. ~ 100
  • 9. BTC every Pays every 17:04 324
  • 10. BTC every 05 minutes. ~ 108