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Best for crypto trading Binance
Best for crypto trading Binance.

All free faucets are checked daily. Those sites that suddenly stop paying or break, marked with a red "don't pay" and transferred to the "not recommended". So, you always know who pays and who doesnt. Sites in the "not recommended" is regularly checked. If the site returns to regularly payments don't pay mark is removed.
Don't use any proxy or VPN, don't use Adblocks and don't use any bots. If you like some faucet, click on these ads sometimes. Faucets paying to you from clicks on ads.

Site navigation panel (rotator)
On the left side under the buttons are information about amount of payments, and how often it pays. Min, max and average payments, and possible limits to the number of output satoshies.

On the right side below the buttons information about how many time you can visit the site, and the approximate number of Satoshi which can be collected from those sites. In the course of time the list is updated each time you press the button "next site." The most profitable sites are always loaded before less profitable.

1. Go to faucet in a new tab.
2. Go to home page When you press the timer is fixed for the next visit.
3 Go to the list of faucets from which you have come to this site. When you press the timer is fixed for the next visit.
4. Link to reviews for this faucet (opens in new tap).
5. Through what time the faucet pays.
6. Information about faucet. Gray marker: the type of captha, blue marker: the type of payment for the faucet. Red is indicated only if the faucet contains a redirect, popup or does not pay. Orange if need for registration or if the site is not recommended by the administration, purple how long you need to wait befor a claim.
7. On an average how much the faucet pays.
8. Minimal faucet pays.
9. Maximal faucet pays (Jackpot).
10. The limit on the faucet, which is higher than the possible withdrawal.
11. If the valve don't pay / not working or need to change the information on the faucet, press the button and inform the administration. Thanks to your informs, all the faucets in the rotator have actual information.
12. Personal information for this faucet. If this button is flashing green, it means for this faucet is a special information from the administration, mainly prompt how to use this faucet. If you get tired of the flashing, you can turn off the flashing in the profile settings.
13. Link for check your balance.
14. Button for ignore faucet.
15. Refreshes the site below, without refreshing the rotator.
16. Button to follow or to unfollow to generate your own list of sites.
17. Information how many faucets are ready for viewing, and how much on average actually pay next faucets.
18. There are cases when you need to copy your Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Litecoin wallet to the clipboard, this button is just for that.
19. Voting, like or dislike faucet.
20. Two buttons to visit next faucet. Special side button on the entire height of the window helps to quickly get to the next faucet, and is especially good at surfing from your smartphone or tablet, if you put on a maximum of 20%. Default 5%. You can adjust the width or off directly into the rotator, temporarily shrink (2 buttons at the bottom). Side button settings are also available in the profile.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English ;)

Last update: 16.01.2016

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