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cryptocurrency Dash / Darkcoin now pays Yes there were failures at payment
or it was disabled in rotator
Yes In the database 692 d.
Pays every 01:10 h. (70 m.) ~ 1500pays an average ▼ 1500minimum pays ▲ 5000maximum pays satoshi faucet type ePay captha type Solve Media dangerous advertising popup Need to wait No Level of complexity 1very easy faucet from rotator clicked "ignore" 391 users reviews 6
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rikki..., 10 April 2017 15:34
прокси требует гугл и яндекс. с мозилы заходит норм.платит моментом на е-п
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Daniel..., 12 October 2016 09:59
Hi guys

Users with virtual IPs are permanently blocked, but users who are blocked by mistake they can send an email to info@ fau*** indicating their IP to be *unlocked

*(if not abuse of virtual IPs or connections from mobile and computer almost simultaneously, or from different operating systems or browsers but from the same computer)

Sorry for problems innocent users feel
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1HzbUkQxb6..., 11 October 2016 20:16
дЭбилы блокирую родной ип. говнокран
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Petro..., 11 September 2016 14:42
Мне больше всего нравится в этих "защищателях", зашел с домашнего компа непускает говорит прокси у меня! А беру ставлю себе прокси, то все отлично работает))))
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1BtydC9q5S..., 6 June 2016 14:23
покажите мне эту проксю!
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1HpAGX4JRh..., 11 September 2016 14:35
Та они просто параноики
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