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Welcome dear friends!

On this site, you can collect a lot of Bitcoins, Dogecoins and Litecoins from various faucet sites, that distributes Satoshi after a certain time, and from other sites working with Bitcoin. You can collect all day, and get more than 200,000 satoshi per day. You can easy generate your list of favorite sites, add new sites to the system (if it not in the system yet), and to be aware of the characteristics of each bitcoin faucet site. We are constantly improving.

Our news

11-01-2017, 12:53

We updated functionality

- In cryptocurrency faucets paying limits "Safety limits" (from the closed Faucetbox) transferred to other micro-payment systems, and there are new types of payment limits now, they are difficult to track, which causes inconvenience to our users. We had a lot of work to re-adapt our system for new conditions.
Now "Safety limits" which marker SL, became HHL, which means Half Hour Limit. We made a new HL marker (Hourly Limit) and new DL marker (Daily Limit).
If you claim on some faucets, and instead of paying you see message about limit, press the appropriate button in the new "Report to administrator" window. You will set a timer to end of limit on faucet, and a moderator will be notified, which will limit the displaying faucet in the rotator.
30-12-2016, 13:10

To wallet owners on

On wallets as default a too high commission to send satoshi, for quick confirmation a transaction in Bitcoin network. Because the high demand to cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and a large number of transactions in the network.
If you ready to wait a long time for confirmation transaction in Bitcoin network, use the Advanced Send options to send funds. You can specify any value of the commission. Remember, that the minimum commission to confirm the transaction in Bitcoin network is 10,000 Satoshi. If transaction is not confirmed by Bitcoin network for a few days, all funds to be returned to sender.
20-12-2016, 09:23

Новое обновление.

- Faucetbox and Paytoshi are closed, all faucets of these systems have been removed. Links to Faucetbox and Paytoshi on ifaucet profile has not yet been removed.
- Added filters by FaucetHUB and FaucetSystem micropayment systems in faucets lists.
2-12-2016, 12:49

We would like to reassure all of you - is not closing.

There is a growing panic in the Internet about closing FaucetBOX and Paytoshi, and there were rumors about the closing of We want to reassure you, that ifaucet is not closing. Over the 27 months of work with faucets, there were closed Microwallet, BitcoinCloud, Monedero, TinyWallet, BitChest. Now FaucetBOX and Paytoshi are in process of a shutdown for a few weeks. In a meantime, ePay works and got improved, FaucetSustem was opened, and FaucetHUB is on a construction. Until faucets is needed for people, there going to be good services and will work. We have many improvements to launch. Every day new faucets replace old faucets. This industry is changing all the time, but it’s not going to disappear. Everything’s going to be alright!
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New sites in the system

  • 20-01-2017, 16:22
  • 20-01-2017, 16:19
  • 20-01-2017, 16:14
  • 20-01-2017, 16:08
  • 20-01-2017, 16:07
  • 20-01-2017, 16:04
  • 20-01-2017, 13:38
  • 20-01-2017, 13:24
  • 20-01-2017, 12:59
  • 20-01-2017, 12:48

Popular sites in the system ?

  • 1. BTC freebitcoin every hour. ~ 244
  • 2. BTC every 35 minutes 120
  • 3. BTC every 30 minutes. ~ 105
  • 4. BTC every 05 minutes. ~ 50
  • 5. BTC every 05 minutes. ~ 75
  • 6. BTC every 64 minutes. ~ 60
  • 7. BTC every 4 hours 113
  • 8. BTC every hour. ~ 41
  • 9. BTC every 05 minutes. ~ 108
  • 10. BTC Scratch4Satoshis every hour. ~ 110